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GMT-Bulgaria Ltd. (Glass machines and technologies) is specializes in the marketing and maintenance of machinery for glass processing - cutting, edging, beveling, drilling, polishing and matting, furnace tempering, bending, laminating, decorative techniques incl. fusing.

The company is the official representative of one of the largest manufacturers of glass processing in the world, allowing complex selection of the best quality machinery meeting the client's budget.

We have our own facilities and specialists received training abroad with the manufacturers of the machines we sell. Our advantage is that the customer can rely on us for consultation, choice of machines, purchase, installation, to warranty and after sales support. We keep in stock the necessary supplies and abrasive tools to ensure our clients' short term supply at constant prices.

Good training of specialists allows us to perform repair of used machines that offer a warranty equal to new.

Here you can find a wide variety of materials and tools required to work with glass, IG units and glass processing.

With the quality of products and services offered by "GMT-Bulgaria" has won the trust of many customers. Join them!


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    Pls. fill in this blank is you need to be visited by our technician for solving technical issue or other activity requiring a technician.
  • Diamond wheels
    Diamond - Peripheral, cup and glass saw.
  • Cutting wheels
    Cutting wheels holders for cutting tables, rolls and low-e wheels.