GMT-Bulgaria Ltd. offers a variety of tools for glass processing.

The company offers:
  - Diamond and polishing wheels, spiral and wool felts.
  - Oil cutters, cutting wheels, cutting compasses, squares for cutting, pliers and more tools for glass.
  - Suckers.
  - Core-Drills and countersink.
  - CNC cutting routers.
  - Abrasive tools and consumables.
  - Tools for UV bonding.

Diamond wheels. Peripheral, cup and cutting wheels.   Download
Polishing wheels, spiral and wool felts.   Download
Glass cutters Silberschnit. Oil cutters TOYO. Replacement wheels. Cutting compasses.   Download
Squaring and measuring. Breaking.   Download
Suction lifters.   Download
Core Drills. Extremely wide variety of core drils and countersink.   Download
CNC cutting routers.   Download
Abrasive tools. Silicium carbide and cork arasive belts. Abrasive instrument for tool dressing. Diamond hand pads. Hands seaming tool.   Download
UV bounding tools. Detector for low-e layer.   Download