GMT-Bulgaria Ltd. has all of the necessary materials for glass processing.

The company offers:
  - Covering media for insulating glass - polyurethane base + hardener
  - Absorbent
  - Machine consumables - rubber nozzles, Trompet mixer, belts, rolls and more
  - Spacers - quality spacers with proven quality
  - Films and consumables for laminated glass
  - Colorless UV adhesive for glass

PU for IG units, Adsorbent, butyl and other.   Download
Cutting wheels holders and cutting wheels for cutting tables, wheels for Low-E coating removal.   Download
Adhesive cork pads, PVC corner protectors, aluminum oxides, cerium oxide, INVISIBLE SHIELD Professional surface protection, cutting fluid, cooling fluids etc.. fluids needed for processing glass.   Download
Spacers - Thermix® TX.N® Plus with outstanding features, a combination of stainless steel and plastic for the best of your insulation glazing.   Download
Films for laminated glass. Thermocutter for cleaning of material on the edge of the glass after laminating. Green tape for lamination of glass. Silicone bag, vacuum net for the bags, silicone tube.   Download